An elegant carbon fiber cabinet with a pair of hand-crafted sterling silver tigers, plated with gold and black ruthenium stripes, both cooling off in a lake of fluorite at the top of the piece. Two separate lithium battery-operated automatic watch winders to place luxury complication watches can be found behind glass doors with smoked quartz and yellow sapphire handles.

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The centre of the cabinet holds a quartz movement clock with a bronze mother of pearl face, set with diamonds. Below the clock there is a small drawer to hold cufflinks, tie pins or pens. This beautiful piece comes with its own presentation box in acrylic and piano black lacquer.

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Silver and Copper: 2,181.95g

Flourite: 1,140g

Diamonds: 12, 1.20ct, Yellow sapphire: 3, 0.96ct,

L: 53cm, W: 31cm, H: 43cm, TW: 18kg

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