Alhambra Carved Leather Box

$9,500.00 exc. taxes

Alhambra Carved Leather Box

$9,500.00 exc. taxes

Sterling Silver / Bronze / Lacquered Wood / Airbrush / Spanish Cedar Wood


Introducing our Alhambra Cigar and Jewelry Box—an exquisite blend of craftsmanship and functionality. Inspired by the Arabesque motifs of the Alhambra palace in Andalusian Spain, this meticulously handmade box, featuring hand-carved and painted leather, is designed to house your cherished cigar collection. Its cedar wood interior ensures cigars are stored in ideal conditions, with a removable top tray and multiple compartments for organization. Additionally, a removable hygrometer and humidifier maintains the perfect humidity levels for your cigars. For added versatility, we offer a jewelry tray option.

Key Features

Materials: Carved and hand painted leather
Interior Options: Cigar Humidor or Jewelry Storage
Cigar Storage: Removable Top Tray and Multiple Compartments
Cigar Accessories: Hygrometer
Dimensions (L x W x H):
Length: 33cm
Width: 21cm
Height: 13cm
Total Weight: 3.10kg

Product Highlights

Exquisite Craftsmanship: Witness the meticulous artistry and practicality of our skilled artisans.
Dual Functionality: Initially designed as a cigar humidor, it can be easily converted into a jewelry storage solution.
Customizable Interior: Tailor the interior to your preference, offering versatility in storage.
Artistic Lid: The lid boasts a beautifully adorned falcon, featuring sterling silver, bronze, silver plating, tarnish finish, and black ruthenium for a captivating visual appeal.

Ideal Usage

Cigar Enthusiasts
Jewelry Collectors
Home Decor Enthusiasts
Ideal Gift for Special Occasions

Elevate your cigar collection or jewelry storage with the Handcrafted Cigar and Jewelry Box. Order today and experience the perfect blend of artistry, luxury, and practicality, safely delivered in a protective carton box.

Alhambra Carved Leather Box

$9,500.00 exc. taxes


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