Betta Fish Cuff

$190,000.00 exc. taxes

Betta Fish Cuff

$190,000.00 exc. taxes

18K Gold / Diamond / Ruby / Black Sapphire / Mother of Pearl


Unveil the splendor of our handcrafted Betta Fish Cuff, a culmination of six months of meticulous artisanship. This piece is a testament to the traditional goldsmithing techniques passed down through generations. A collective masterpiece, it is brought to life by the unparalleled expertise of a team of seasoned artisans, including a designer, a sculptor, a lapidarist, two goldsmiths, and a setter. Together, they boast over 120 years of combined experience in their respective crafts.

Key Features:

Material: 18K gold, handcrafted to perfection.
Design: Two betta fish intertwined, symbolizing fluidity and grace.
Gemstones: 794 hand-set diamonds, rubies, and black sapphires.
Mother of Pearl: Carved to mimic the delicate scales of the fish.
Craftsmanship: Entirely handmade using traditional techniques.
Artisans: A collaboration of a designer, a sculptor, a lapidarist, two goldsmiths, and a setter.
Experience: Over 120 years of combined artisanal expertise.
Functionality: Hinged design for effortless wear.

This bracelet is not merely a piece of jewelry; it is a wearable narrative of heritage and skill. It is designed for those who appreciate the rich history embedded in traditional jewelry manufacture and seek to own a piece that is as much a work of art as it is an ornament.


18K Gold: 200.19g
Diamond: 131, 3.76ct
Ruby: 659, 26.64ct
Black sapphire: 4, 1.15ct
Mother of pearl: 100, 55.15ct

Betta Fish Cuff

$190,000.00 exc. taxes


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