Botanique Minaudiere

$22,000.00 exc. taxes

Botanique Minaudiere

$22,000.00 exc. taxes

Sterling Silver / 18K Gold Plating / Brown Diamond / Pink Opal / Sugilite / Ostrich Leather


Embrace the essence of botanical beauty with the Botanique minaudiere, a luxurious accessory from the distinguished collection. This handcrafted piece is a celebration of nature?s artistry and the finesse of fine jewelry.


The minaudiere features a base of rich blue ostrich leather, chosen for its texture and enduring quality.


A branch and flowers, handcrafted in sterling silver and adorned with 18K gold plating, evoke the enchanting allure of a secret garden.


Pink opal and sugilite are masterfully inlaid within the floral design, adding a soft yet vibrant hue to the piece.


Brown diamonds are meticulously set, offering a subtle sparkle that complements the minaudiere?s overall elegance.

Note: The Botanique is not just a minaudiere; it is a wearable expression of floral elegance, perfect for those who appreciate the delicate balance of nature and luxury.

This minaudiere is ideal for adding a touch of sophistication and natural charm to your most refined ensembles.


Brown diamond: 35, 1.66ct, Pink Opal: 41, 13.45ct, Sugilite: 26, 7ct

Botanique Minaudiere

$22,000.00 exc. taxes


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