Eagle Shadow

$1,900.00 exc. taxes

Eagle Shadow

$1,900.00 exc. taxes

Sterling Silver / Bronze / 18K Gold Plating / Black Rhodium Plating


Elevate your desk with the majestic and striking Sterling Silver Eagle Sculpture. This meticulously crafted piece seamlessly combines the regal presence of an eagle with opulent materials, creating a symbol of freedom and power for your workspace.

Product Features

Sterling Silver Eagle Sculpture: A meticulously handcrafted sterling silver eagle takes center stage, capturing the grace and strength of this iconic bird of prey. Every detail, from its outstretched wings to its sharp talons, is expertly rendered.

18K Gold and Bronze Plating: The eagle sculpture is adorned with 18K gold and bronze plating, enhancing the contrast and elegance of the piece. These precious metals highlight the sculpture’s magnificent features.

Black Rhodium Plated Base: The sculpture is elegantly displayed on a base crafted from high-quality black rhodium-plated metal, providing a sleek and modern backdrop that complements the eagle’s powerful presence.

Product Specifications

Material: Sterling silver, 18K gold plating, bronze, black rhodium plating


Place this handcrafted Sterling Silver Eagle Sculpture on your workspace, office desk, or any prominent location to infuse your environment with the attributes of freedom, strength, and grace. This sculpture serves as both a symbol of your commitment to excellence and a captivating piece of art.

Package Includes

Sterling Silver Eagle Sculpture
Black Rhodium Plated Base
Elevate your desk decor with the Sterling Silver Eagle Sculpture, a symbol of power and freedom crafted from the finest materials. Order yours today and let the spirit of the eagle soar in your workspace.

Eagle Shadow

$1,900.00 exc. taxes


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