Elephant Ice Bucket

$9,900.00 exc. taxes

Elephant Ice Bucket

$9,900.00 exc. taxes


Step into the heart of the savannah with the Elephant Ice Bucket, a centerpiece that marries artistry with humor. This sterling silver marvel, part of PROLOGUE’s Safari collection, features a hand-sculpted elephant head, boasting a patina finish that whispers tales of the wild. The elephant’s head, detailed with a whimsical rear end, is a nod to the playful side of nature.

The tusks, a symbol of strength and nobility, are elegantly plated in 18K gold, offering a luxurious contrast against the silver’s aged patina. The bucket’s handles, crafted from lacquered burl wood, curve gracefully like the branches of an acacia tree, providing a sturdy yet stylish grip.


Material: Sterling silver with patina finish
Accents: 18K gold-plated tusks
Handles: Lacquered burl wood
Design: Hand-sculpted elephant head with a humorous twist
Collection: A proud member of the PROLOGUE Safari collection
Craftsmanship: The Elephant Ice Bucket is a testament to the skill of artisans who blend traditional techniques with modern aesthetics. The elephant’s textured skin and playful expression are captured with remarkable detail, while the patina finish adds a layer of antique allure. The gold plating and wood lacquering are executed with precision, ensuring a piece that is both functional and a conversation starter.

This ice bucket isn’t just a vessel for chilling beverages; it’s a statement piece that tells a story with every pour. Perfect for those who appreciate the fusion of luxury and levity, the Elephant Ice Bucket awaits to serve and delight.

Elephant Ice Bucket

$9,900.00 exc. taxes


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