Falcon Perch Cane

$10,000.00 exc. taxes

Falcon Perch Cane

$10,000.00 exc. taxes

Bronze / Sterling Silver / 18k Yellow Gold Plating / Ruby Cabochon / Red Sapphire / Black Rhodium Plating / Black Ruthenium Plating / Carbon Fibre


Introducing our meticulously crafted Falcon Perch Cane, a true labor of love that takes two months to create by skilled artisans. This exceptional creation boasts intricate details, combining sterling silver, yellow gold plating with a tarnish finish, and topped with red alligator leather.

The handle of this masterpiece is inspired by the Arabian falcon perch, known as a “wakir” and adorned with a hand-set ring of striking red sapphire, connecting it to the meticulously crafted Prologue crest. On the back of the piece, you’ll discover a royal fleur-de-lys inspired design, also handcrafted, and complemented by a hand-set ruby that adds an exquisite touch of opulence.

To ensure both durability and style, this functional art piece features a lightweight carbon fiber shaft that has been expertly bronze lacquered for a refined finish. The combination of materials and finishes makes this piece truly exceptional.

Customization is at the core of our offerings. The Falcon Perch Cane can be tailored to your preferences, with options for various materials, colors, finishes, and personalized engravings.

Product Details

Material: Sterling Silver
Red Sapphire: 24 stones, totaling 4.70ct
Ruby Cabochon: 1, 0.30ct
Length (L): 101cm
Total Weight (TW): 460g
Elevate your style and make a statement with our Falcon Perch Cane—a fusion of craftsmanship and luxury that will captivate those with an eye for excellence.

Falcon Perch Cane

$10,000.00 exc. taxes


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