Legend Octopus Minaudiere

$31,800.00 exc. taxes

Legend Octopus Minaudiere

$31,800.00 exc. taxes

Sterling silver / 18K Gold Plating / Diamond / Ruby / Cats Eye / Chalcedony Opal / Galuchat


In the realm of haute couture and artisanal grandeur, there emerges a creation that transcends the boundaries of fashion and art. From PROLOGUE’s Legends, this exclusive minaudiere, a one of one masterpiece, is presented to those who seek more than just luxury; a narrative of craftsmanship and rarity.

Material and Craftsmanship: The minaudiere is meticulously handcrafted from the rarest blue stingray leather, known for its durability and distinctive texture, offering an experience of tactile and visual splendor.
Design and Symbolism: The handsculpted octopus, a creature revered for its intelligence and adaptability, is rendered in sterling silver and adorned with 18K gold plating, symbolizing the convergence of strength and elegance.
Gemstone Setting: Adorned with precision-set round diamonds and rubies, the minaudiere is a beacon of opulence, each gemstone contributing to the narrative of its splendor.

Note: The minaudiere, with its luxurious design and precious embellishments, is an ideal accessory for a variety of high-end occasions; it?s a wearable piece of art that enhances the wearer?s presence at any prestigious affair.

Diamond: 45, .45ct, Cats eye: 2, 1.43ct, Ruby cabochon: 62, 4.47ct, Calcedony: 1, 12.61ct

Legend Octopus Minaudiere

$31,800.00 exc. taxes


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