Lion Bowl

$3,900.00 exc. taxes

Lion Bowl

$3,900.00 exc. taxes

Bronze / 18K Gold Plating / Lacquered Walnut


Our meticulously handcrafted burl wood bowls, a testament to the timeless art of woodturning. Each bowl is a singular expression of nature?s artistry, carved from the burl of Maple wood and revealing a unique grain pattern that tells its own story.

The skilled hands of artisans, whose knowledge is steeped in tradition or refined at Bhutan?s National Institute for Zorig Chusum, shape these bowls with care. The result is a smooth, flowing form that pleases the eye and the touch.

A rich piano lacquer finish is applied to each bowl, deepening the hues of the wood and providing a protective layer that enhances durability. This finishing touch ensures that the bowl?s beauty endures as a functional piece of art.

Crowning this piece is an entirelly handcrafted safari-inspired bronze animal head, plated in 18K gold, which adds an element of adventure and luxury. This fusion of natural elegance and opulent detail makes the bowl a versatile addition to any setting.

Product Highlights:

Material: Distinctive Maple burl wood
Craft: Hand-carved by Bhutanese artisans, each bowl is unique
Finish: Piano lacquer for a lasting sheen and protection
Detail: A bronze animal head with 18K gold plating for a luxurious safari theme

Lion Bowl

$3,900.00 exc. taxes


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