Lion Wireless Charger

$2,500.00 exc. taxes

Lion Wireless Charger

$2,500.00 exc. taxes

Bronze / 18K Yellow Gold Plating / Piano Black Lacquer Wood


Elevate your workspace with the regal presence of our Handcrafted Bronze Resting Lion Desk Ornament. This meticulously crafted piece seamlessly blends artistry and modern technology, bringing an aura of strength and elegance to your desk.

Product Features

Handcrafted Bronze Resting Lion: A meticulously handcrafted bronze resting lion takes center stage, capturing the majestic poise and tranquility of this iconic big cat. Every detail, from its flowing mane to its serene expression, is expertly rendered.

Black Ruthenium and 18K Yellow Gold Plating: The bronze lion features a captivating combination of black ruthenium and 18K yellow gold plating, creating a mesmerizing contrast of textures and colors. The gold plating adds a touch of opulence to the piece.

Black Piano Lacquer Wood Base: The ornament is displayed with elegance on a base crafted from high-quality black piano lacquer wood, adding a sense of sophistication and refinement to your workspace.

15W Wireless Charger: Seamlessly integrated into the base, a 15W wireless charger offers fast and convenient charging for your Qi-compatible devices. Keep your desk organized and efficient.

USB-C Cable and Power Adapter: The package includes a USB-C cable and a power adapter, ensuring you have all the necessary components for immediate device charging.

Product Specifications

Material: Bronze with black ruthenium and 18K yellow gold plating, black piano lacquer wood
Wireless Charger Output: 15W
Wireless Charger Compatibility: Qi-enabled devices (e.g., smartphones, earbuds)
Included: USB-C Cable, Power Adapter


Place this handcrafted bronze resting lion desk ornament on your workspace, office desk, or side table to infuse your environment with the strength and grace of the animal kingdom. The built-in wireless charger ensures that your Qi-compatible devices remain charged and ready.

Package Includes

Handcrafted Bronze Resting Lion Desk Ornament
Black Piano Lacquer Wood Base
15W Wireless Charger
USB-C Cable
Power Adapter
Experience the perfect blend of artistry and modern convenience with the Handcrafted Bronze Resting Lion Desk Ornament. Order yours today and bring the spirit of the lion to your workspace.

Lion Wireless Charger

$2,500.00 exc. taxes


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