Security Detail Desk Set

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Made by hand, this art piece celebrates the year of the Dog, featuring two sterling silver Doberman dogs detailed and plated with black rhodium & pink gold, and hand-set diamond collars. A movable hinged safe door in sterling silver with 18kt gold plating hides a quartz movement clock with a hand-carved white mother of pearl face.

The face of the safe is studded with 18kt yellow gold-plated details, and the base has handcrafted and detailed bags of cash and loose money. Completing the desk set is a red enameled pen with a sterling silver dog head, a place for business cards and a mobile phone.

The base is lacquered by hand in piano white and inlaid with yellow gold-plated details.
Silver and Copper: 1,736.21g
Diamond: 28, 1.32ct, White MOP: 5.56ct
L: 35cm, W: 28.50cm, H: 23.50cm, TW: 9.50kg

All of our pieces are handmade by our trained craftsmen, in extremely limited quantities. Our team of sculptors, goldsmiths and gem-setters only create a hundred pieces a year, each taking months, sometimes years to complete. All of our pieces are numbered, signed and usually customized through personalization, such as engraving a collector’s initials, a special message or their coat of arms. Please feel to get in touch with us for more details on how to specially commission your own work of art.

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