Parisienne Minaudiere

$17,500.00 exc. taxes

Parisienne Minaudiere

$17,500.00 exc. taxes

Sterling Silver / 18K Gold Plating / Diamond / Sapphire / Moonstone / Abalone / Alligator Leather


Discover the Parisienne, a minaudiere of exquisite allure and sophistication from PROLOGUE?s Femmes du Monde collection. This handcrafted marvel is a tribute to the lavish elegance of the 1920s and a celebration of timeless style.

Luxurious Craftsmanship: The minaudiere is meticulously fashioned from premium red alligator leather, renowned for its texture and durability.
Vintage Elegance: A sterling silver figurine of a lady, inspired by the iconic 1920s fashion, is handcrafted with precision and plated in 18K gold and black rhodium.
Intricate Inlay: The lady?s dress features an inlay of abalone mother of pearl, adding iridescent charm and depth to the design.
Gemstone Ensemble: Embellished with diamonds, yellow sapphire, black sapphire, emerald cabochon, and moonstone, each gem adds a touch of brilliance and color.

Note: The Parisienne is not just a minaudiere; it is a statement of art and elegance, perfect for the most prestigious occasions.

Embrace the spirit of the roaring twenties and make a grand statement with the Parisienne minaudiere.


Abalone: 1,4.65ct, Moonstone: 17,0.52ct, Yellow sapphire: 30, 0.93ct, Black sapphire: 5, 0.15ct, Diamond: 8, 0.16ct, Emerald cabochon: 1, 0.10ct, Ruby cabochon: 1, 0.31ct

Parisienne Minaudiere

$17,500.00 exc. taxes


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