Retro Ring - Amethyst

$13,000.00 exc. taxes

Retro Ring – Amethyst

$13,000.00 exc. taxes

18K Gold / Diamond / Amethyst / Kunzite


Step back in time with a modern twist with this Retro Ring from our Retro collection. This exquisite piece features a single emerald-cut 9ct Amethyst, flanked by two modified pear-shaped Kunzites, exuding a timeless elegance. The ring is further enhanced by pave set diamonds that encircle the stones and continue throughout the design, adding a touch of contemporary sparkle to the vintage-inspired styling.

Key Features:

Material: Crafted from high-quality materials with a focus on longevity.
Center Stone: A prominent 9ct Amethyst with an emerald cut for maximum brilliance.
Side Stones: Two modified pear-shaped Kunzites, adding a unique flair.
Diamonds: Pave set diamonds enveloping the gemstones and adorning the ring’s structure.
Design: A harmonious blend of vintage and modern jewelry crafting techniques.

This Retro Ring – Amethyst is a statement piece that captures the essence of the Retro collection, perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of blending classic and contemporary elements in their jewelry. Whether it’s an addition to a personal collection or a gift for a loved one, this ring is sure to impress.

18K Gold: 20.30g
Diamond: 144, 1.98ct
Kunzite: 2, 4.42ct
Amethyst: 1, 9ct

Retro Ring - Amethyst

$13,000.00 exc. taxes


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