Security Detail Desk Set

$35,000.00 exc. taxes

Security Detail Desk Set

$35,000.00 exc. taxes

Create a unique workspace with our handmade Security Detail Desk Set, featuring sterling silver doberman dogs, diamond collars, and a unique safe door revealing a clock. This luxurious desk set is meticulously crafted with 18K gold plating and intricate details, making it a stylish and functional addition to your office space.


Made by hand, this art piece celebrates the year of the Dog, featuring two sterling silver Doberman dogs detailed and plated with black rhodium & pink gold, and hand-set diamond collars. A movable hinged safe door in sterling silver with 18kt gold plating hides a quartz movement clock with a hand-carved white mother of pearl face. The face of the safe is studded with 18kt yellow gold-plated details, and the base has handcrafted and detailed bags of cash and loose money. Completing the desk set is a red enameled pen with a sterling silver dog head, a place for business cards and a mobile phone.The base is lacquered by hand in piano white and inlaid with yellow gold-plated details.

Diamond: 28, 1.32ct, White MOP: 5.56ct
L: 35cm, W: 28.50cm, H: 23.50cm, TW: 9.50kg

SKU: OCP-6051-A01

Unique serial number: 3598

Security Detail Desk Set

$35,000.00 exc. taxes


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