Taboo Ring

$11,000.00 exc. taxes

Taboo Ring

$11,000.00 exc. taxes

18K Gold / Diamond / Amethyst / Kunzite / Tsavorite


Indulge in the allure of the Taboo Collection Ring, a harmonious blend of precious materials and vibrant gemstones. This exquisite piece features a base of radiant 18K yellow gold, complemented by a striking carved amethyst centerpiece. Flanking the purple majesty are light green peridots, their crisp hue adding a fresh contrast. The ring is further illuminated by pave set diamonds and tsavorites, creating a sparkling halo that enhances the overall design.

Key Features:

Base Material: 18K yellow gold for a classic and sophisticated foundation.
Center Gemstone: Carved amethyst, known for its deep purple color and artistic allure.
Side Gemstones: Light green peridots, adding a touch of verdant brightness.
Accent Stones: Pave set diamonds and tsavorites, providing an exquisite sparkle.
This ring from the Taboo Collection is a testament to timeless elegance, perfect for those who appreciate the intricate details and luxurious feel of fine jewelry. Whether as a statement piece or a treasured gift, the Taboo Collection Ring is sure to captivate and enchant.

18K Gold: 25.11g
Diamond: 40, 0.75ct
Kunzite: 2, 6.46ct
Amethyst: 4, 18.15ct
Tsavorite: 71, 1.11ct

Taboo Ring

$11,000.00 exc. taxes


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